Unity in the Body: The Fruit of the Spirit

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It is vital for any functioning body to receive the necessary nutrients in order for it to function effectively. The use of fruit as an analogy is very useful as we know that in order to live an effective spiritual life we must ingest the fruit of the spirit.

Read Galatians 5:16-25: If we walk in the spirit we will find it easier to avoid being derailed by our fleshly desires. In order for unity to occur we must understand that the flesh is constantly waging war with the spirit. Trying to live lukewarm suggests that one is aiming to please both the spirit and flesh, this already highlights disunity as the two can never agree, and hence it is most important that we decide which side we want to be on as the primary step to achieving unity.

Each fruit and its benefit in the church (The Body):

LOVE: We will be able to affectively pray for one another, lifting and sharing each other’s burdens.

JOY: The overall atmosphere in the church will be lifted. People will be able to come to church and feel better, knowing that they can lay their burdens down and trade them for the joy of The Lord. It would also strengthen our faith as a practical exhibition of being joyful in all situations, reflecting that we do know that God is good – all the time.

PEACE: Would enable us to achieve so much more as a body. Having peace of mind would give us enough clarity to be focusing on the things of God that we could do to impact our community and the wider world. Making an actual difference.

PATIENCE: Having patience for one another would help us reduce strife and ought that we may have against one another. In practicing patience with God also we are able to really appreciate his goodness.

KINDNESS: In being kind to one another we are allowing ourselves to be used as reflections to show and mirror Gods mercy and kindness towards us.

GOODNESS: In exuding goodness we compel and inspire others to want to be good but also encourage them to want to investigate the motive behind our goodness which is none other than God.

FAITHFULNESS: In remaining faithful to one another we lessen the amount of disappointment and hurt many feel in church, also in being faithful to God we are able to reap the benefits of his promises.

GENTLENESS: In being gentle with one another we create safe spaces where people feel free enough to be vulnerable before God. Also in being gentle with one another we create a tone that fosters understanding and acceptance especially regarding things like rebuke and correction.

SELF CONTROL: In exercising self-control we consider those around us. We prefer others to ourselves, we limit the ways in which we may offend one another by being sensitive enough to know when to stop or how to approach a situation.

By Magaret Bakosi

Author: community-outreach-ministries