Unity In The Body of Christ

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Unity in the Body of Christ

One of the beautiful things about the body of Christ as a whole, is how diversified and vast it is. Sadly greater emphasis on differences within the body, rather than shared core values, has hindered the effectiveness of the church in today’s world. There are fundamental truths regarding Christianity which are backed by scripture and ought to be shared irrespective of one’s denomination.

  • God as sole creator of the world
  • God’s oneness with the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  • Salvation is by grace through our faith
  • The bible as God’s word, inspired by God himself.
  • The authority of the Bible for edification and conduct
  • Christ’s death is the ultimate sacrifice and complete atonement for all sins.
  • Christ as both God and man while on earth

The frequency with which one takes the Holy Communion for example, or the chosen day for worship, does not really come into it. God is not moved by grandiose ornaments or ceremonious apparel, and speaking in tongues is certainly not a believer’s passport to heaven!

Prayer Points
1.  Let us pray that the wider church and different ministries will have greater interaction and unity with one another based on the non-negotiable aspects of the faith.
May we set aside minor differences, strife and pettiness.

A call for unity does not necessarily mean turning a blind eye to things that need addressing in the faith. Part of the reason why the body of Christ is fragmented, is because some churches support or practice things that are not scriptural. We need discernment in the body so we can guard against deception and flourish in one mind.

2. Pray against ignorance regarding false doctrines and teachings within the church. May we be like the Berean Jews who studied God’s law and adhered to it with wisdom.

Charity begins at home, we ought to be functioning vessels within our local assembly’s, giving our all in service to God as well as the community. If we all do this, the body of Christ as a whole, will be stronger and more effective. We may prefer an alternative method  for a project compared to that employed by our brother or sister, but we must not allow this to hamper the work of the Lord.

3.  Pray that in Community Outreach Ministries we will have unity of purpose and unity in various projects. May we not be self-seeking or compete with one another.

No matter who you are or where you are coming from, God can use you if He chooses to, the same applies to your brothers and sisters in Christ so it is important to value the people around you.

4. Pray that Christians value and respect their brothers and sisters as they would want to be valued and respect. This way all believers can have true fellowship and work in greater peace.

By Emily Bakosi

Author: community-outreach-ministries